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Single moth looking for lämps

A lil bug I made for VRChat from scratch.

(Now available in Bee flavour!)

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  • Highly customizable with many blend shapes. Set up with 3.0 functions so you can customize on the fly!
  • Expressive visemes, face and gestures
  • Face Tracking (Unified Expressions)
  • Wing puppet and extra arms with customizable smoothing and posing
  • Full body tracking compatible
  • MMD Visemes (Mouth only due to limitations)
  • Pre set up with PhysBones and toggleable PhysBone colliders and Toe bones
  • Three texture set ups pre configured for Poiyomi 9.0.5. One by me and additional created by Lemahn and VashTwiist!

Avatar Stats

  • 42747 Tris (36774 without extra arms)
  • 2 Skinned Mesh Renderer (1 without extra arms)
  • 4 Material Slots (3 without extra arms)
  • 8 Phys bone components, 32 transforms

Rating: GOOD

What's included

  • Unity 2022 package ready to go for quick and easy set up! Includes Quest scene! (Due to current limitations the extra arms are not usable for quest, when available it will be updated to include them!)
  • Substance painter 9.1.2+ file
  • Blender 3.4 file

Terms of Service


The Fae Moth may not be used for commercial purposes, including but not limited to promotion of paid services, merchandising, and paid media using the assets of the package included in the purchase without explicit permission from Vivi. Use for promotion of assets made for the Fae Moth is allowed.

Vivi reserves the rights to the model for use in gaming, advertising, and applications, as well as any other commercial uses.

Redistribution of the Fae Moth avatar base is prohibited.

Reselling and promoting the Fae Moth and its assets is prohibited.

Reselling modified versions of the Fae Moth and its assets is prohibited.

The Fae Moth is not allowed to be used for part of a "new" commercial kit-bashed avatar.

The Fae Moth is prohibited to be used for AI generation or AI learning under any circumstances.


The Fae Moth model and associated assets may be used for personal use, including as a Vtuber avatar, or for personal nonprofit projects.

Texture and asset modification commissions are allowed if both parties own legal copies of the Fae Moth Avatar package.

Public avatars are allowed, a link in the description to the store page is greatly appreciated.

Create and sell assets or customized textures for the Fae Moth base on gumroad or other sites as long as the files do not contain any original Fae Moth files.

The Fae Moth is allowed for pose and anatomical reference for 2d artists.

Due to it being a digital product I cannot accept any refunds.


Menu icons by VashTwiist (@VashTwiist)

Face Tracking template made by Adjerry91

Render by SnakeMayo (@GatorKetchup)

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Non Refundable

Due to this product being a digital asset there is no fair way to refund this product.

Last updated Jun 4, 2024

PC, FaceTracking and Quest Unity 2022 Package with the pre set avatar and texture variants. Substance Painter files for all included textures

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Fae Moth - VRChat Avatar

18 ratings
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